Campaign Update: More endorsements!

I’m pleased to announce I’ve been formally endorsed by D7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd and Board of Education Commissioner Hydra Mendoza. I am so grateful to both elected officials for their confidence in and support of my candidacy.

More news: I’ve sent out my initial mailing to friends and supporters. Can you support my campaign? Please download and print out my donation form and return it with your check. I can’t do this without you! There are also several house parties scheduled for April; contact me at rachel “at” if you are interested in attending.

With Jackie SpeierWhat else have I been up to? This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Congresswoman-to-be Jackie Speier at my friend and San Mateo Union High School District Board member Dave Pine‘s home. While Jackie acknowledged that education is primarily a state, not Federal responsibility, she discussed the importance of re-working No Child Left Behind and of fully funding the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA), the law that governs special education. She particularly acknowledged the work of local school boards. Thanks to Dave and his wife Jane for hosting a great event for Jackie!

I’ve also been doing a fair amount of advocacy around the state budget crisis and the Governor’s unconscionable proposed $4.8 billion cut to education. My daughter’s 2nd grade teacher was one of 535 San Francisco teachers to receive a notice of layoff two weeks ago; I attended the inspiring UESF rally but wanted to do more. We thought it was a great idea when one student suggested that the class write letters to the Governor, so I made them a template and took pictures of each child holding their letters. Here are some excerpts (sic):

I don’t want our teacher to lose her job. I hope you reconsider the budget. Your budget is taking a lot of money away from a lot of schools. Please do not send the pink slips. – Jimmy

We need teachers to teach us, if we can’t have a teacher then we have to group us together. The teacher will be very busy if we group us together. I feel sad and scared that my teacher might loose her job. – Brittany

I don’t want you to do mean things. I want to see my teacher. I’ll feel sad if my teacher went away. – Angel

I think there is a better idea. You could take a little money away from every company. I will miss my teacher badly if she leaves. – Lucy

I will feel sad, scared, shocked and angry at the same time! Children need education to learn and to get a good grade. You shouldn’t take 4.8 billion dollars from education kids need it! . . . How dare you! – Jackie

kids and letters

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