Hear, Hear: Schools Are What We Make Them

My friend Lisa Schiff has written a wonderful column about owning our public schools over on Beyondchron.org:

Right now in this country, schools are what we make them. This is simply the reality of the current low level of support for education in our society. Families all over this city and the country have taken that challenge on and together are making great schools, everywhere. Working with a school community to help it grow and thrive is a part of raising kids these days, no matter whether those kids go to private or public school. The reward of doing this work in public schools is that not only are you helping your own children, but you are building every day the kind of society so many of us dream of, a society in which we are all engaged, working together to discover and put in place the things that are important to us.

Hear, hear, Lisa – I couldn’t agree more.


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