Prop. H Community Meetings

Public service announcement – the Prop. H committee will be sponsoring several community meetings this fall to engage the public in discussion about priorities for Prop. H funds in the coming year. Prop. H established the Public Education Enrichment Fund, which contributes city money to PreK – 12 education every year. One third of the fund each year can be used for general purposes, so the Prop. H committee was created to provide community input into how the fund should be spent. In past years the Superintendent and the committee came up with vastly different funding priorities, resulting in confusion and some acrimony. Let’s hope that this year things go more smoothly, and interested community members can help by sharing their input now.

These meetings will allow senior staff to hear the community’s priorities and align them with the strategic priorities of the district. Here’s the schedule of meetings:
Balboa High School
1000 Cayuga Avenue
Tuesday, October 21st, 6pm in the Main Library

AP Giannini Middle School
3151 Ortega Street
Thursday, Nov. 6th, 6:30pm in the Main Library

Francisco Middle School
2190 Powell Street
Thursday, November 19th, 6pm in the Little theater

Roosevelt Middle School
460 Arguello Boulevard
Thursday, December 4th, 6pm
in the Lecture Room

For more information, contact Brian Fox, the district’s Public Education Enrichment Fund coordinator, at or (415) 241-6121 ext. 3231.


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