Voting early

Today I went to City Hall to vote. I keep waking up in the middle of the night worrying that I might forget to vote on Election Day amid all the other get-out-the-vote activity we’re doing. So, I finally decided that since I already know how I’m going to vote on all of the major issues on the ballot, I might as well cross voting off my pre-election “To Do” list.

I was amazed to see a very long line of people who had the same idea. I have voted early in three or four of the last few elections and NEVER waited in line. But this election is clearly different. People, the line was so long that it took 45 minutes to get to a polling station! (And then another 15 minutes to vote, even though I had a cheat sheet, because the ballot is so freakin’ long).

Anyway, I marked my ballot for Obama/Biden, for myself, and against Prop. 4 and AGAINST Prop 8. It felt strangely anticlimactic. Eight p.m. on November 4 can’t come soon enough!


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