It’s tight . . .

This race is very tight and there are still ballots to be counted. From the Chronicle’s update this morning:

The top vote-getters, incumbent Norman Yee and newcomer Sandra Fewer, appeared to secure seats on the board. Barbara Lopez and Rachel Norton were also in the top four, but held a slim lead.
Jill Wynns, a 16-year veteran of the board, was running fifth, trailing Norton by only 0.15 percent. It remains to be seen whether provisional ballots could swing the race.

Stay tuned! Election results are here – scroll down for Board of Education results. Totals will be updated again at 4 p.m. Pacific.


One response to “It’s tight . . .

  1. Go Rachel!
    I am keeping tabs on the race from here in Ventura! Steven’s mom, Theda, told me you were running – congrats on the race and I hope you are elected!