Well, if the Guardian says so . . .

. . . It must be true!  From the SFBG politics blog tonight:

With the vast majority of the absentees now counted, it’s safe to call the school board election. Norman Yee was easily re-elected; Sandy Fewer is in second. Third place appears to be incumbent Jill Wynns, with Rachel Norton just a bit behind her. Those will be the four people elected.

Today’s updated election results do indeed show Jill Wynns and I holding steady in third and fourth place, respectively. Elections says there are about 20,000 absentees left to count, and another 16,000 provisional ballots. So while it’s not inconceivable that Barbara Lopez or Jaynry Mak could still come from behind and win a seat, I am starting to breathe a bit easier.


2 responses to “Well, if the Guardian says so . . .

  1. Rach,
    The fun just never seems to end, but it sounds quite positive. Any projection regarding when all the ballots will be counted? -jth

  2. Rachel, besides hoping for an Obama victory, and defeat of Prop 8, the only other election item that really is of concern to me is your election to the school board. I have been checking the elections dept. website to see what the heck is going on and finally learned from reading your site about all those ballots still to count. Goodness. The Fergison familiy continues to send positive thoughts your way.