Notes from a marathon BOE meeting

A bit more stream of consciousness than usual – tonight’s meeting was long! I guess I’d better get used to it.

  • Gateway HS‘ charter was unanimously renewed for another five years;
  • There was a moving appreciation of departing Commissioners Mark Sanchez and Eric Mar and their eight years of service on the Board. Both were at times a lightning rod for criticism of the School Board, and each certainly got his share of flak. What is indisputable is that both Mark and Eric took their positions seriously, worked very hard to achieve a vision of equity for our district, and built advocacy organizations that will continue their work now that they’ve moved on. I am only just beginning to get my arms around the demands of this job, and as I see Mark and Eric depart, I admire them both for their dedication and years of service.
  • The Board passed resolutions establishing the goal of aligning SFUSD graduation requirements with college admission requirements; making honors classes open to all students who wish to enroll in them; and expanding opportunities for students to earn academic credit. These are all worthy goals and it is high time we set them for our students. The concern many people voiced–and it is one I share–is that we will not commit enough resources to help students and teachers work towards this goal. These are plans which must be monitored closely.
  • The Board passed revisions to the “P120” policy streamlining and providing better guidance for the work of the various advisory committees. In general, this is something we needed to do and I agreed with most of the proposed policy.  I spoke in opposition to two provisions, however — first, an attempt to exclude charter school parents from serving on committees that advise the Board on policies applying to district-managed schools, and second, the establishment of term limits for advisory committee members. In the end, the charter provision was deleted and the term limits will stand, but termed-out members will be able to apply to serve additional terms after being off the roster for one year.

5 responses to “Notes from a marathon BOE meeting

  1. I really appreciate being able to read a brief summary of what was decided and how you spoke regarding the issues. I will add my voice to those hoping that you will continue to use this blog–or a similar one–to communicate with the community.

  2. Echoing Lorraine’s comments about the work that’s underway at the Board, and thank you, Rachel, for both your morning-after notes and your support in opposing the charter-school-parent exclusion proposal.

  3. From what I read in the Chron, this sounded like a GREAT meeting! Thanks for the notes and I hope you’ll be able to continue this.

    I’m very happy that the BOE is focusing on some solid educational reform issues and strategies (A-G requirements and the AP/honors areas) to help close the achievement gap. Also, very happy that charter school parents will no longer be excluded from committees.

  4. Great notes! Thanks for making them; it’s so important.

  5. Thanks for the notes. Is this a sign of things to come?

    I sure hope you continue using this blog (and other web outlets…) to inform your ‘base’ and express your views. Cool.