Ongoing fallout from Prop 8

Californians who value equal rights, justice and tolerance suffered a crushing defeat with the passage of Prop. 8 last month.  Like many people, once it became clear that an early lead the polls was being erased by devastating and deceptive advertising, I gave a significant amount to the No on 8 campaign through Equality California in order to make sure we got our message out.  So it was particularly galling to hear how ineffective and badly managed the No on 8 campaign was.


Today in the mail I got four identical solicitations from Equality California asking me to give still more money to the effort to overturn Prop. 8 (“Every dollar you send brings us closer to equality”). I know from my own campaign just how expensive direct mail like this is. Sending me four letters indicates how badly managed the Equality California donor list must be, and it’s infuriating. I’d like nothing better than to overturn Prop. 8, but Equality California isn’t getting any more money from me.


2 responses to “Ongoing fallout from Prop 8

  1. IS this how you’ll lead Ms. Norton, kicking people when they’re down? If you are really interested in leadership over petty politics on this board, Maybe instead of criticizing you can ask EQCA how they managed to pass all that legislation that moved lgbt rights so much forward in the last few years. You’ll need that type of skill dealing with this BOE.

  2. I’ve somehow managed to not get any mail from EQCA despite making two contributions during the campaign. I am, however, inundated with email solicitations for more money. Like you, I’m not sending a dime to EQCA and I’ve taken to hitting the ‘reply’ button and telling them so every time I get a request. Apparently, I’m not the only one doing this. Two days ago I happened to be on the web when an email came in and I immediately replied with my now-standard response. Within two minutes I had a response to my response, a carefully-worded form letter thanking me for my passion, concern, yada-yada-yada, and the email address of the poor woman who lost a bet and now has to deal with all the responses like mine.