Have the Feds done us a disservice?

Much excitement this week on the proposed stimulus plan, passed in the House and now in the Senate. The Chronicle said it would net SFUSD up to $42 million; when I read that I felt heartened, but now I wonder. At today’s training, Ron Bennett (CEO of education policy think tank School Services of California) said he’s concerned that the proposed stimulus package gives our state lawmakers a way out of having to take the heat on education cuts. I hadn’t thought of that . . . but he very well could be right. Who knows when or if we’ll see a significant amount of Federal money, but resolving the state’s budget crisis and giving school districts some financial certainty is urgent NOW.

Mr. Bennett also congratulated all of the new Board members in attendance (from districts all over Northern California) for picking the worst time in anyone’s memory for joining a California school board. Thanks!


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