All in a lather over SFUSD web site

I was amused this week to come across a Christian Newswire press release regarding SFUSD’s new web site for LGBTQ students and their parents:

In kindergarten through third grade, students read My Two Uncles. Elly, the young protagonist, is anticipating her grandparents’ golden wedding celebration — and she is sad, because her grandfather will not invite her uncle’s partner. In the end, the grandfather softens a little.

By the lesson’s end, students are taught to “realize that some families include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.” To steer them away from bigoted (traditional values) ideas, they learn to define “homophobia” and “prejudice.””What kindergartner isn’t going to walk away believing they are bigoted or homophobic when their teacher tells them traditional values they are taught at home are hateful?,” questioned England.

And that’s bad because . . . ?


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