The end? JROTC comes up for a final vote

Our resolution to reinstate JROTC is on the Board’s agenda for Second Reading tonight, May 12.  I really don’t know what will happen, but what I hope is that members of the Board will find a way to agree that this program is a valuable option we offer to interested students. I believe that whatever happens, we should continue to work on the SERV program and other options we’ve discussed as a way to engage students, keep them in school, and provide them with opportunities for character development and community service.

And finally, whatever happens,  after tonight I think it will be a good thing for the Board to move on to other discussions, because we have a lot of other pressing business to attend to.

I’d also like to put it out there that even as a co-sponsor of the resolution to reinstate JROTC, I would oppose a recall against any Board member who votes against my resolution.  If we’ve learned anything over the past three years of this fight, it is that there are very strong feelings on both sides of this emotional and very contentious issue. My colleagues on the Board are going to vote for what they think is best, and regardless of how it comes out I can’t ask them to do anything more than make the best decision they can based on all of the conversations, information and advocacy we’ve all heard since this fight began.


One response to “The end? JROTC comes up for a final vote

  1. I agree on opposing recalls. I think it’s really de-stabilizing to start recalling elected officials just because you disagree with them. You’d think the recall of Gov. Gray Davis — charmless though he may be — would have discredited this tactic for all time; we all may have noticed that Schwarzenegger failed to remedy the state’s fiscal situation despite his arrogant promises.

    It remains to be seen how Commissioner Yee will vote this evening. He changes his mind often.