CAHSEE results are in

From the district’s press release on our California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) results:

Fewer SFUSD seniors in 2009 met the requirement for the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) compared to district seniors in 2008 at this same time last year. The SFUSD cumulative rate for high school seniors meeting the CAHSEE requirement in 2009 is approximately 87 percent whereas the 2008 pass rate was 90 percent.
“SFUSD has done as well or better than the state overall in previous years. This year’s lower pass rates raise concerns. We’re analyzing the results to understand where to focus our support for students who are not meeting this important requirement for graduation,” said Superintendent Carlos Garcia.

The state has made CAHSEE results available on its web site, though I am not seeing the cumulative rate referred to above — probably because the pass rate for a cohort of students — say, those who were seniors in 2008-09–who may take the test at different times throughout high school. The majority of students pass the CAHSEE in 10th grade, but a significant number of students must take the test multiple times before they pass. And then there are those who don’t pass before completing the 12th grade.

Once I have cumulative rates for students who are english learners and those enrolled in special education, I’ll post them for comparison, but the pass rates for both groups appear pretty dismal.


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