Full board: Sept. 8

I’ve spent several hours trying to fix my wireless Internet connection, and now that I have, it’s very late. I will post a longer wrap-up in the morning, but here are some highlights from tonight’s (or by now, last night’s) meeting of the full board:

  • Over an hour of discussion on the Superintendent’s request to give the San Francisco Education Fund (now merged with the San Francisco School Volunteers) $99,100 for various activities, including screening and fingerprinting of volunteers, as well as general program expenses. I can’t do the discussion justice in a few sentences but I will say that great points were made on both sides; in the end I proposed a compromise — that for this year SFUSD cover the cost of fingerprinting and screening new non-parent volunteers, up to $70,000. Board members accepted that idea and voted to grant the amended contract, 6-1 (with Commissioner Fewer voting no).
  • Lots of discussion on other K-resolutions, which are district contracts with individuals and organizations. I will go into more detail tomorrow, but I think the overriding message of tonight’s meeting was: this is a new ballgame and the Board is in a very tight-fisted mood.

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