Students want better school food!

Baseball Rodent Productions (aka Max Schreiber and Dana Woldow) and assorted SFUSD students (including Board of Education student delegate Tristan Leder) have  done it again with a really well-crafted advocacy video to be shown at a national convention of food writers and slow food advocates next month. See below:

At issue: the ridiculously low reimbursement rate the Federal government gives public schools under the National School Lunch Program — a little over $2 per meal. As Ed Wilkins, SFUSD’s Director of Student Nutrition Services says in the video, after labor and overhead are paid, only about a dollar is left to go to the cost of food. The video offers one view of what a lunch program funded at $5 per meal (with a not insignificant additional investment in a central cooking kitchen) could look like for students.

(Full disclosure: I rounded up a group of 4th graders for some of the voice overs and arranged for a second grade class to draw pictures of healthy lunches).


2 responses to “Students want better school food!

  1. I know. Isn’t it great? I hope Nancy Pelosi gets to see it – we need to raise the meal reimbursement rate to a much more realistic level and index the amount reimbursed to be more realistic in higher- and lower-cost areas. It’s ridiculous that California’s schools are reimbursed at the same rate as other states where labor and transportation costs are lower.

  2. I love this video! What a great cast–and a great cause.