Meet Carlos Garcia, blogger

I haven’t done much yet to promote SFUSD’s new promotional web site, on the blog. A project spearheaded and funded by the San Francisco School Alliance and designed by a local ad agency, the site is meant to educate San Franciscans about our public schools and engage our city residents in a conversation about the relationship between strong public schools and a strong city.There is also a corresponding ad campaign, which you might have seen on bus shelters or heard on the radio.

It’s kind of funny to see our own Carlos Garcia as a blogger on the site — not that I think it’s a bad idea, mind you, but I have to say that I’d be surprised if “blogging” is one of Carlos’ top ten pastimes. I think he is far happier walking his dog along one of SF’s many beaches than he is sitting in front of a computer in his spare time.  Still, I think he is a great spokesperson for the change we are trying to make in the district and its nice to see us try to use social media tools to engage the broader community.


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