KQED Forum: A tale of two schools

Today, KQED Public Radio’s highly-respected Forum program did a segment on the Cobb Elementary GE-Montessori clash. I had the privilege of being a guest on the program, along with Chronicle reporter Jill Tucker and several parents from each program: Listen here .

It was an interesting experience and I think the discussion was substantive; touching on the many facets of this complex issue.


2 responses to “KQED Forum: A tale of two schools

  1. After the Montessori moves, Cobb GE- may still close. It has been on the chopping block for the past 12 years at least.

  2. If the Montesorri section does not mind being relocated, put them in a campus in a struggling area of town that needs an infusion of excitement, put them in an empty school in BVHP.