2010: Another budget bloodbath

Well, the holiday weeks have been nice, with all the joy and lovely food and family time, but now it’s time to return to cold, hard, January-type reality.  Tonight’s KTVU report on the state budget wasn’t about education — it focuses more on the plight of adults with severe disabilities and their families. Respite funds, meant to give caregivers a break a few times a month, are now in danger, along with many other state-funded supports these families depend on.

Get used to hearing more and more sad stories from deserving people who should not be subjected to the kinds of cuts we’re going to be experiencing.  It’s going to be another difficult year.


2 responses to “2010: Another budget bloodbath

  1. Reinhold Knoll

    Dear Mrs. Norton,
    after a look in Your web-site I was very enjoyed about Your activities. I met Yo in autumn 2009 before elections during my wonderful days in San Francisco, got a button and therefore I was interested whats going in in Your matters. And really it is impressive. As a university-teacher I observe in our country – Austria – the bitter decline of education, whats not depends from teachers, much more caused by bad organisation and wrong organisation.
    I wish You the best for next year, success, and from time to time I will look in Your website to be informated about Your aims. It is my best memory of San Francisco, my much beloved city.
    With kind regards RK

  2. Sending you a lot of strength Rachel…!