The war of words intensifies

There have been strong words from UESF and district negotiators today since  Friday’s bargaining session, and it does appear that the war of words is intensifying.  It’s inadvisable for me to say much of anything on the state of the negotiations — so instead I am simply reproducing the latest public statements from each party:

The upshot? The union walked out Friday afternoon and the Superintendent has countered by saying he intends to declare impasse. This action brings in a third-party mediator with the power to get the parties back to the negotiating table. Stay tuned.


One response to “The war of words intensifies

  1. Special Ed Parent

    May I suggest that both sides stop issuing statements and generating heat? I’d also suggest that there’s nothing remaining in dispute that can’t be resolved with a good mediator in a day. It seems like both sides are pretty much in agreement on the major things. I’d like to propose that both sides move to mediation this week and resolve this situation now.