Understanding teacher contracts

Education Sector has an excellent explainer on teacher contracts that compares and contrasts the San Diego Unified School District’s contract with a typical contract used by Green Dot charter schools with its unions.  The explainer goes provision by provision, covering things like teacher evaluation, pay and benefits, layoffs and dismissals and grievances and disputes.

The current teacher and paraprofessional contracts between San Francisco Unified and United Educators of San Francisco are also posted on the UESF web site.


2 responses to “Understanding teacher contracts

  1. Andrew Rotherham is highly controversial, closely aligned with one side of the education-reform debate — the side that believes in E-Z miracle silver bullets. People like him are well paid to tout those miracles.

    For a more democratic, pro-public-education, pro-teacher viewpoint that is not sold to the highest bidder, please read Diane Ravitch’s new book, “The Death and Life of the Great American School System,” and follow her blog, Bridging Differences.

  2. Andrew Rotherdam is a great resource on innovation and progressive ideas about data, performance management, and education reform. I highly recommend checking out Education Sector and reading its content along with other Rotherdam articles.