Brodkin, Mendoza and Murase for Board of Education

Labor Day traditionally marks the start of campaign season, and a headlong rush towards November. This year, three seats on the Board of Education are up, with two incumbents seeking re-election and one open seat (Jane Kim is running for Supervisor in District 6).  I would like to introduce the three candidates I am endorsing for these seats– Margaret Brodkin, Hydra Mendoza and Emily Murase:

Margaret Brodkin

Margaret has over 30 years experience advocating for children’s issues in San Francisco. She is nationally-known for creating the Children’s Fund, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for programs serving children and families.  Margaret is relentless in her advocacy and progressive in her politics; even though we may differ on some issues, I know I will always respect her point of view. She is a keen, strategic thinker who relishes debate and asks great questions. Her presence will improve the quality of the Board’s discussions and the stringency of our oversight. To learn more, visit

Hydra Mendoza

Hydra has served on the school board for the past four years with distinction, and I’m pleased she has decided to seek a second term. She has provided a valuable link between the City (by day she works as Mayor Newsom’s Education Advisor) and the school district. She has forged good working relationships with each of the Board members, and as a Commissioner has shown herself to be someone who asks good questions and listens to varied points of view; I have enjoyed serving with her since I arrived on the Board in early 2009.  For more information, visit

Emily Murase

I got to know Emily when she and I ran together during the 2008 election cycle. While her first campaign was not successful, she has shown great perseverance and dedication in her decision to run again this time around. Emily grew up in San Francisco and her family was instrumental in starting the Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program that now resides at Rosa Parks Elementary in the Western Addition (both of Emily’s young daughters attend this program). She is active in the Lowell High School alumni association and has served with distinction on the Parent Advisory Council. I know she will be a thoughtful and grounded member of the Board, and bring a welcome on-the-ground perspective as an involved parent in the district.  For more information, visit

I am intentionally disabling comments on this post, as I don’t want to host a debate about the relative merits of candidates. These are my personal choices, which I am broadcasting as a way of helping to inform voters and supporters who have not yet made up their minds or studied the race.  You can always send me your thoughts at comments “at”


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