BOE Candidate Forum

I had a whole post written about last Friday’s candidate forum but  . . . really, everyone already knows what I think.  For those who haven’t made up their minds, I did some live tweets of the first few rounds of questions, and took some video of candidates’ closing statements.

Present at the forum were: Omar Khalif, Hydra Mendoza, Starchild, Winifred Dajani, Emily Murase, Margaret Brodkin, Natasha Hoehn, and Jamie Rafaela Wolfe. (Winifred Dajani had to leave early and so did not give a closing statement).

The second and final forum for this election season will be held Wednesday, Oct. 27 starting at 6:30 p.m., at Lincoln High School (20th Ave. and Quintara).  Yeah, I know this event conflicts with Game 1 of the World Series — still, I hope undecided voters will try to come out and learn more about the candidates.


One response to “BOE Candidate Forum

  1. Well, i was very happy to see your tweet from murase about expanding 2nd language to all children. With a child in K in a GE program @ a school that is 2/3 immersion, it makes so much sense to offer a class to these children every day. Now, if i could only get the magic powder to make it happen… I would think the GE teachers in these schools feel like the odd person out. Fortunately, we have very experienced GE teachers at this school. Anyway, just a side note. The coverage is great and informative. Thank you!