Horace Mann and Buena Vista chitchat

Apparently there was some sort of announcement today about a plan to merge Buena Vista Elementary (a full Spanish immersion K-5 school) with Horace Mann Academic Middle School. I am not quite sure what has been publicly announced, but I have been aware of these discussions and have told the Superintendent that I am supportive of the outlines of the plan.

My understanding is that current Buena Vista K-5 students will move to the Mann campus, turning the school into a full Spanish immersion program for students in grades K-8 (Buena Vista’s Pre-K program will remain at the existing site for the time being). I also believe additional Spanish Immersion seats will be opened up for 6th graders so that students from other K-5 immersion programs will be able to choose Horace Mann for middle school.

That’s about all I know. Once more information is available, I’ll post it here.


6 responses to “Horace Mann and Buena Vista chitchat

  1. Who will be the principal at the new Buena Vista K-8?

  2. I believe that the Horace Mann SpImm program will open up some citywide spanish immersion spots at 6th grade; James Lick will continue to have a Spanish Immersion and a GE track.

  3. It would be great to hear an estimated timeline for announcing related info. As a parent of a Fairmount (spanish immersion) student, I am particularly eager to hear which other schools might feed into H.Mann for grades 6-8, and whether J. Lick will still have a spanish immersion track at all.

  4. Hi Alex – there are some plans in the works but nothing that is solid enough to be announced publicly.

  5. Thank you for keeping us abreast on what is going on. Are there plans on what Buena Vista’s building will be converted to?

  6. Carlos Almendarez

    Love reading your updates.