Bad news from Sacramento: June election is dead.

The June special election is dead, officials in Sacramento agree. They disagree on who was more unreasonable in their demands, and therefore who should be blamed for the failure to JUST LET THE VOTERS WEIGH IN on whether the state should raise taxes.

What does this mean for SFUSD? I haven’t received updated guidance from the Superintendent, but last month the Board was told that without voter-approved tax increases, we would be looking at a $330 per student, or $20 million, cut for 2011-12.

I’ll keep you posted on the options.

Update: Listen to the Governor on the decision to end the negotiations:


3 responses to “Bad news from Sacramento: June election is dead.

  1. I have to admit I didn’t think we were going here either. I’m still sort of in denial. Rachel if there’s something we could be doing to help (beyond writing the legislature), please let us know.

    My4 and a half year old broke into applause when Jerry Brown affirmed that he wanted to protect schools. “He wants to protect MY school? Yay!”
    Let’s hope he can.

  2. I am kind of amazed myself. In retrospect, it was entirely predictable. But I have been, I think, guilty of some form of magical thinking – believing “there’s no WAY this could happen.” And yet, here we are! $20 million is going to hurt. I wish I could say it won’t, but any way you slice/dice/hack/snip is going to bring pain.

  3. This saddens me so deeply. I can’t believe we have landed here.