SFUSD students showcase their cha-cha, salsa and swing

School Board Vice President Norman Yee has been busy this spring, helping several SFUSD elementary schools  (Hillcrest, Bryant, Leonard Flynn, Guadalupe,  Longfellow and Marshall) organize ballroom dancing lessons for students in their afterschool programs.

On May 7, students held a showcase to present what they had learned — which, judging from the video, was quite a lot!

Norman is a salsa dance enthusiast and he had a great time organizing this program for the students. He encourages students to learn dance because, like other athletic activities, it reinforces self-discipline and it provides students access to a new, joyful endeavor that requires focus to do well.

Thanks to Norman and to the dance coaches who helped students learn something new and have a great time in the process.


2 responses to “SFUSD students showcase their cha-cha, salsa and swing

  1. Carlos, I hope you don’t mind me posting it! Norman sent it around to the Board and it was so lovely I asked him if I could post it – he said he thought it was OK.

  2. Carlos Almendarez

    Funny how youtube travels. I took that video. 🙂

    Norman and his schools did a great job with this performance. I was particularly touched by students of different backgrounds dancing with each other and students that may not otherwise be exposed to the tango, salsa or merengue being cheered on by their parents. It was a great day and was happy to see our ExCel after-school programs from across the city be a part of the event.