Welcome back!

I’ve taken a break from blogging and most school board duties over the past six weeks or so, and it’s been a much needed break. But now a new school year is about to begin, and all over our school district teachers, administrators and other staff are gearing up. So I think it’s fitting to post something a bit inspirational.
Last weekend, teachers from all over the country marched on Washington D.C. to “Save our Schools” — an event designed to articulate teachers’ real concern about the direction of education policy in this country. There were some great speeches, but this one seems to have captured the imagination more than most — the actor Matt Damon, who flew all night to address the rally and honor his mom, a teacher herself.


2 responses to “Welcome back!

  1. Vicki Symonds

    What can you tell us about the Transitional K program that was discussed at the last Adhoc meeting?

  2. But you have to post the clip of Matt Damon’s response to Reason TV’s reporter and cameraman that’s gone viral beyond the SOS organizers’ wildest dreams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFHJkvEwyhk&feature=player_embedded