Campaign update: I need your help!

And now for a bit of political news: my re-election campaign is up and running — I’m collecting signatures to count towards the ballot filing fee of $500 and raising money to pay for slate cards and mailers that will be sent out in October. On June 30, candidates will report what they’ve raised so far, and though there is still four months left until the election, fundraising totals are viewed as an important sign of viability (or vulnerability :-)).

People tell me all the time how much they appreciate the information I post on this blog, and how important it is for parents and community members to feel informed about what is happening in schools. Hearing that is deeply gratifying to me: I love this work and I know I have made a difference since taking office in early 2009. Many people have already pledged their support and more endorsers are coming on every day — I’m so grateful for all of the support I’ve received thus far! But it is not enough, yet, to get me over the top on Election Day.

School board races are won three ways: energizing your base of support to help get out the vote, having the financial resources to pay for mail and slate cards, and capturing key endorsements from individuals and organizations. I’m working hard on all of those things! Can you help me? Please, even if you can only donate $25 or $50, a contribution to the campaign is the single best thing you could do to help me right now. Later on, in September and October, supporters can display window signs, have house parties, walk precincts and do other get-out-the-vote activities.

But right now, the best way to help is to get the campaign the resources I’ll need to contact the vast majority of voters who don’t pay attention to down-ballot races like the school board.

Donate to the campaign >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

(This link takes you to ActBlue, an external fundraising site that provides easy credit card processing for Democratic candidates. If you are not a Democrat, or don’t wish to use ActBlue, you can download this form and mail me a check. Just don’t forget!)


6 responses to “Campaign update: I need your help!

  1. xta, email me privately with a specific list of questions you’ve asked EPC to address.

  2. Hi Rachel, Any update about Yick Wo? As I said we requested the Yick Wo swap data from Darlene Lim and Shem multiple times through email and phone calls. Our requests were never acknowledged. I believe I have asked you 3 times for the same data. My suspicion is that swap data is not collected at all, that the swap is used at the discretion of EPC to adjust the assignment numbers as they see fit. There is no transparency AT ALL about this, and many things in the assignment process. If you can shed any light on it would you please let me know? If you as an elected board member can’t obtain this data to share with parents then this is hopeless. Clearly the EPC does not answer to the parents, and has no interest in doing so, but they are supposed to answer to the Board-and you should make sure they do so.

  3. I’ll ask again what the situation with Yick Wo is.

  4. Rachel, just wondering if you have received the information about the swap that the Yick Wo parents requested several months ago? You said you were waiting to hear back from the EPC. We have requested the information from them several times but they did not reply to a single email or voice mail.

  5. Rachel – tx for all the work you put in to not only improve the education of children in San Francisco but also provide transparency on the policies of the board. San Francisco is indeed lucky to have you!

  6. Good luck, Rachel! San Francisco is lucky to have you!