Annual student assignment report is out!

The district has released its analysis of the student assignment process for enrollment in 2012-13  (to be abundantly clear: we are currently enrolling for 2013-14, so this report contains data and analysis for those who applied for school entry in August 2012).

The report will be discussed at the Student Assignment Committee tomorrow night, April 22, at 6:30 p.m. in the Board room at 555 Franklin Street.


6 responses to “Annual student assignment report is out!

  1. Hi Rachel,
    The 2011-12 Report had some interesting information regarding the number of people who did not enroll their child in Round 1 and it broke that data down by:
    – Received 1st choice
    – Received 2nd or 3rd choice
    – Received one of their choices
    – Assigned to a school not on their list.

    The 2011-12 report also had the numbers for enrolled students who did not turn up for school during the 3 day count. 369 Kindergarten students across 69 schools did not show up that year.

    Do you know if that data is available for the 2012-13 Year? I couldn’t see it anywhere in the report. And I do think it is helpful for people who are still waiting on a school assignment to know that a big part of the reason they are waiting is because SFUSD has to deal with such a large number of no-shows when school starts.


  2. The following data is very misleading: Map 4: Kindergarten applicants living in each attendance area relative to kindergarten capacity at all schools in the attendance area (page 54). It includes in neighborhood capacity the city-wide K seats. These are NOT neighborhood spots! Neighborhood children do not receive preference for these seats. For example, look at West Portal — it says we have 97% capacity but this is considering 99 spots (33 Chinese immersion spots). In reality we have 66 spots. So roughly, it should be (97/66) 147%. Alvarado would be a similar situation.

  3. Can you talk about the middle school feeder options for people at elementary schools assigned to feeders they’re not thrilled about? Our kids are at one with fewer than 1 out of 5 in the particular feeder elementary group requesting it. It looks like our chances to go to a place more like Presidio, Roosevelt, AP Giannini, or Aptos have plummeted. Is there any thought to this population, or is the assumption among the board that the numbers will simply trend up? We’re among those who do not live in the neighborhood zone of the elementary school our kids attend, and would far prefer the middle school are neighborhood designation would feed to.

  4. I would love to see the details on the 20% of us who didn’t get any of our school choices. What are the reasons for this and how can that be avoided. I have talked to a dozen people in this group and many had 25 schools on their list and still came up short.

  5. Is there raw data available? The report has addressed a number of questions. But I also have other questions that is not addressed that can be analyzed from the raw data.

  6. Sadly, I am not at all surprised about the complete lack of information in the report about the assignment process for students who receive special education services.