May round assignment letters are in the mail

Late this afternoon the Board received an email from Darlene Lim of the Educational Placement Center confirming that Round II letters were mailed today. Quoting from the email:

EPC has completed the Round 2 May Placement process and here are some preliminary results. We will see much movement at the K and 9th grade levels.
  • We processed 3851 total applications or amended requests, Transitional K – grade 12
  • 1310 (34%) of the students received one of their choices
Grade Applicants # (%) received choice
TK 134 59 (44%)
K 1299 519 (40%)
6th 503 108 (21%)
9th 748 294 (39%)
Notification letters will be mailed out today.  Families will have until May 24th to register at the school sites.
They may also submit a waiting pool request and medical and family hardship appeals by the 24th.

6 responses to “May round assignment letters are in the mail

  1. We didn’t get any of our school choices; the letter did not come in time. However I did tour the choice we were assigned and they may not meet our needs so we are writing a medical appeal.

  2. Following up on an earlier post, we did not receive any assignment, after getting Vis Valley in the first round. We amended our list to only James Lick and Everett. My 5th grader will be heading to St. Paul’s.

  3. noevalleyjim

    Excellent work! 40% of K applicants got something they wanted in the 2nd round, how does that compare to previous years?

  4. Nice work! 40% of K applicants got their choice in the 2nd round. This is important.

  5. The same as the first round, no letter on Saturday. Thanks SFUSD for the increased stress in my 5th graders life. Hoping to get a placement other than Vis Valley, but not getting my hopes up. Private school, here we come.

  6. Prospective Parent

    No letter in todays mail. Given the round one delivery fiasco you would think SFUSD would have taken appropriate steps to drop earlier to ensure delivery.

    SFUSD Board Members and Administrators should be ashamed and embarrassed that in 2013 the admissions process relies on so many 19th century manual steps (2-step data entry, notification by mail, etc.). This process makes me question whether SFUSD is capable of preparing our children to meet 21st century challenges. First year savings would more than pay for a secure, proven web based application.