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Sept. 22: Board meeting recap

Tonight’s meeting wasn’t all that long, as meetings go, but nevertheless I’m tired. So the recap will be stream of consciousness and not-necessarily-in-that-order. Probably the most newsworthy thing we did was pass, on first reading, a resolution supporting Supervisor David Campos’ proposal to restore due process to undocumented juveniles accused of a crime. Without going into the long history, after three well-publicized killings last summer, San Francisco changed its Sanctuary City policy and began reporting juveniles in City custody who were suspected of being undocumented directly to Federal immigration authorities. This often leads to youth being deported, even if they have not committed any crime–because once they are in the hands of immigration authorities, their immigration status trumps any other rights they may have.

We heard tearful testimony from mothers about losing their children to deportation, and comments from Mission High teacher (and Bilingual Community Council chair) Derrlyn Tom about being in the awful position of fearing to bring students to the attention of City agencies because of worries they would be deported and taken from their families.

The Board voted unanimously (with one recusal by Commissioner Mendoza, whose day job as a City employee would put her in conflict with the resolution) to pass the resolution and call on the City to restore due process rights to all students, regardless of their immigration status.

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