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Final BOE candidate forum is online

Last night, the SF PTA, PPS San Francisco, the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library and Chinese for Affirmative Action sponsored the final candidate forum for this year’s Board of Education election. 11 candidates are running, but only seven of the candidates attended the forum (Kim-Shree Maufas, Omar Khalif, Tom Chan and Bill Barnes were not present). The event was rebroadcast this evening on public radio station KALW, and a podcast of the entire forum is available for download on www.kalw.org.

Full disclosure: I have endorsed Margaret Brodkin, Emily Murase and Hydra Mendoza in this election.


BOE Candidate Forum

I had a whole post written about last Friday’s candidate forum but  . . . really, everyone already knows what I think.  For those who haven’t made up their minds, I did some live tweets of the first few rounds of questions, and took some video of candidates’ closing statements.

Present at the forum were: Omar Khalif, Hydra Mendoza, Starchild, Winifred Dajani, Emily Murase, Margaret Brodkin, Natasha Hoehn, and Jamie Rafaela Wolfe. (Winifred Dajani had to leave early and so did not give a closing statement).

The second and final forum for this election season will be held Wednesday, Oct. 27 starting at 6:30 p.m., at Lincoln High School (20th Ave. and Quintara).  Yeah, I know this event conflicts with Game 1 of the World Series — still, I hope undecided voters will try to come out and learn more about the candidates.