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City College hosts garage sale/fundraiser!

ccsfsaleCity College of San Francisco has come up with a unique (and hopefully successful) way of raising money to restore some 800 classes slated for elimination this year and increase counseling hours for the Spring 2010 semester. They are accepting donations for a massive garage sale and flea market scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 24. Milton Marks, President of the City College Board of Trustees, is soliciting help in publicizing the event and putting out a call for donations!

City College has been decimated by cuts over the past two years, and the cuts are affecting the future prospects of a generation: City College is the lowest-cost and most accessible option to the most disadvantaged students in San Francisco, and it is a problem for all San Franciscans if the institution can’t fulfull that mission.  If you can, please donate items; and come to the sale on Oct. 24 to find great deals and support a great cause!


  • Saturday, Oct. 24
  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Street-level parking area of the Balboa Reservoir at Ocean Campus (map)
  • Downloadable PDF flyer

Sobering news out of City College

The former Chancellor and two current admininistrators of San Francisco’s City College were charged today with using college funds for illegal political and personal expenses.  It’s always sobering to hear about misuse of public funds, and it makes me want to look deeper into our own mechanisms for overseeing expenses. Having volunteered on a number of SFUSD campaigns, I am certain we have followed the letter and spirit of the law to fundraise for our political campaigns. Still, news like today’s reminds me that anything can happen, and that it’s important to be continually vigilant when overseeing the spending of public monies.

Recap: Joint SFUSD-City College committee

Tonight was the inaugural meeting of the new joint committee comprised of representatives from SFUSD and the City College District. Much of the two-plus-hourlong meeting was consumed by a discussion of the plan to locate a new Gateway to College program at the college district’s Southeast campus. Though City College will administer and house the program, it will serve students who have dropped out of SFUSD programs and assist them in earning a high school diploma, concurrent with college credit. Our participation is required because we must apply for waivers from the state allowing “our” students to attend City College; the waivers allow the average daily attendance money generated by these returning students to be passed through to City College to help fund the program.

There has been some opposition to the plan over the issue of the location — some advocates feel there are not enough supports and services in place at the Southeast campus to fully support this group of students, who have, we all agree, been failed again and again. Tonight Chancellor Don Griffin assured the committee that the necessary supports will be in place, and pledged to move the program to another site if it is not successful at the Southeast campus. In addition, representatives of the Mayor’s Communities of Opportunity program have pledged to provide bridge funding and other supports to make sure the program is ready and welcoming to students when they arrive August 15. Many community representatives were also on hand to advocate in favor of the plan.

In the end, members of both Boards agreed this plan should go forward at the Southeast campus, but pledged to hold the program accountable for keeping promises to this vulnerable group.

The next meeting of the new committee will occur in September.

First joint City College-SFUSD meeting tonight

The first meeting of the joint SFUSD – City College committee will be held tonight at 5 p.m., in the auditorium of the City College admininstrative offices at 33 Gough St. The meeting is open to the public. On the agenda:

  • Setting rules of the Committee and basic structure/operation, including schedule setting, permanent commissioners/trustees, rotation of terms;
  • Discussion of Gateway to College Inaugural San Francisco Location for Program (Choices: Southeast Campus, Mission Campus, Chinatown Campus, Phelan Campus).

The committee was established earlier this month through legislation I sponsored with Commissioner Fewer; current members of the joint committee are, from the SFUSD Board of Education, Commissioner Fewer and myself as well as President Maufas; from the City College Board of Trustees, Board President Milton Marks and Trustees Jackson and Grier.  The goal of the committee, as established in the legislation, will be to:

discuss issues of mutual interest and cooperation, including but not limited to curriculum, facilities, staff development, support of students and sharing of resources and data.