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Recap: Oct. 26 Board meeting

Not much at all on tonight’s agenda — an update on the annual review of facilities and books/equipment required under the Williams case, and several contracts for services at June Jordan Small School for Equity. 

But before I get to the actual recap of tonight’s Board meeting, I thought people might be interested in what the Board actually eats before meetings (there’s been some interest in that lately 🙂 —

Now on to the meeting: Several T-10 class security guards and their representatives from UESF came to speak during public comment about the impact of the Board’s decision last year to cut back the T-10’s hours from seven to six, for a savings of nearly $800,000 annually. The UESF argument is that the district has received roughly $9 million from the Edujobs bill but is not spending that money yet, even though their workers are suffering. The Superintendent’s argument is that the reduction in hours was agreed to by everyone last year, and that waiting to spend the Edujobs money is prudent until we know what kind of 2011-12 budget picture we are facing (that should become more clear in January).  

I’m inclined to restore the five hours per week we cut from the T-10s, then preserve the remainder of the Edujobs money for future economic uncertainties. But it’s prudent to wait until we have a better idea of how bad 2011-12 will be. 

There was a brief discussion about two consultant contracts for June Jordan Small School for Equity. This school has drawn some media attention for its low test scores and higher-than-average pupil spending. Under our Small Schools by Design policy, the school is now heading into its quadrennial re-evaluation, so Board members made some requests for data about student achievement and spending.