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Hundreds of SF teachers get good news!

Today, at a press conference in Room 200 at City Hall, the Mayor and Superintendent Garcia announced that the school district will receive $24.5 million from the City’s Rainy Day Fund. The distribution will allow us to rescind almost all of the layoff notices mailed to 405 teachers last month.

Thanks to the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors, which voted unanimously to release the Rainy Day Funds to the schools.

Click here for a district press release, and here for more information from United Educators of San Francisco.


Pink slips, red ink and “gray area” math

On tonight’s Board agenda is a resolution to issue preliminary layoff notices to over 500 certificated employees – an action that no one wants to take but is required based on the budget outlook. State law requires us to notify teachers and administrators by March 15 if there is a possibility that they will be laid off for the next academic year.

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Another day, another budget scenario . . .

Tonight was the first official meeting of the newly-rearranged Budget committee, chaired by Commissioner Wynns and featuring Commissioner Yee and Commissioner Yours Truly.  (President Maufas also sat in.) On the agenda: two fairly straightforward action items and three informational items on our ever-more-complex local-state-Federal budget scenarios.

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