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Getting out of the abyss

This weekend I’ve been in Sacramento at an annual legislative action conference sponsored by the  California School Boards Association. I’m told that usually many different legislative topics are discussed but not this year. The budget crisis is The Topic and the news is not good. Yesterday I blogged about the problem, and how the propositions on Tuesday’s ballot won’t really solve it (that’s why I’m opposing all of them except 1B).

If the Legislature and the Governor continue to oppose tax increases and other revenue measures, the way out of this abyss in the short-term is going to be extremely painful for everyone who depends on publicly-funded services. In one of today’s presentations we were told that if , as expected, the ballot measures don’t pass, California public schools will sustain a cumulative cut of at least $9 billion over the two years beginning in July 2008 and ending in July 2010. That is approximately $1,440 per student in cuts over two years! And even if by some unexpected reason the propositions do pass, the cuts will be devastating, so don’t think that voting yes saves us as a state much, if any, pain over the next two years.

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