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Mommies vs. Hipsters: Taco truck smackdown!

Sorry, I have to be a little snide about today’s smackdown at the Board of Appeals. We were there for a hearing on the infamous taco truck, which parks outside John O’Connell High School every day, in violation of a city ordinance that prohibits catering trucks from doing business within 1500 feet of a school. A slew of earnest mommies (and I include myself in that category!) spoke during public comment to urge the Board of Appeals to uphold the revocation of the truck’s permit.

Speaking in favor of letting the truck continue to  violate the law were the truck’s (rather creative, judging from his interpretation of the facts) attorney, and two customers —one of whom said that the truck should be allowed to stay in its current location because, despite hiring the truck to cater his wedding celebration, it was “too inconvenient” to walk two more blocks in his South of Market neighborhood to buy a burrito from the truck. With friends like these . . .

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